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Materializing Memory in Art and Popular Culture: 1st Edition (Hardback) The book's underlying premise is twofold: on the one hand, memory is performed.
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The authors look at a broad range of case studies from different genres, eras, countries and formats to analyse literary and cinematic…. This book examines cultural participation from three different, but interrelated perspectives: participatory art and aesthetics; participatory digital media, and participatory cultural policies and institutions. Focusing on how ideals and practices relating to cultural participation express and ….

Edited by Anthony Cristiano , Ahmet Atay. Millennials and Media Ecology explores issues pertaining to millennials and digital media ecology and studies the cultural, pedagogical, and political environments such heterogeneous generation populates.

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The book questions whether millennials are properly understood as a heterogeneous group,…. By Fiona Jean Nicoll. The book adopts a critical cultural studies lens to explore the entanglement of government and gambling in everyday life. Its qualitative approach to gambling creates a new theoretical framework for understanding the most urgent questions raised by research and policy on gambling.

In the past two…. By Aspasia Stephanou. This book examines the manifestations of materiality across different gothic media to show the inhuman at the heart of literature, film and contemporary media, outlining a philosophy of horror that deals with the horror of the nonhuman, the machine and the nonorganic. The author explores how…. By Adam Geczy , Vicki Karaminas. Popular culture in the latter half of the twentieth century precipitated a decisive change in style and body image.

Postwar film, television, radio shows, pulp fiction and comics placed heroic types firmly within public consciousness. This book concentrates on these heroic male types as they have…. Narratives of place link people and geographic location with a cultural imaginary through literature and visual narration. Contemporary literature and film often frame narratives with specific geographic locations, which saturate the narrative with cultural meanings in relation to natural and…. Shannon Howard. Unplugging Popular Culture showcases youth and young adult characters from film and television who defy the stereotype of the "digital native" who acts as an unquestioning devotee to screened technologies like the smartphone.

In this study, unplugged tools, or non-digital tools, do not necessitate…. Edited by Sherry S. Yu , Matthew D. Ethnic media are media produced for, and frequently by, immigrants, ethnic and linguistic minority groups, and indigenous populations. These media represent a sector of the broader media industry that has seen considerable growth globally, even while many mainstream, legacy media have struggled to….

Edited by Micol Seigel. This volume explores the panic that is a central affective register of our current international order. Fears of Somali pirates, "Gypsy" kidnappers, African warlords, Ebola, "Mexican meth," pimps, coyotes, gangs, climate refugees and more, structure the dark side of a metropolitan unconscious.

By John Hondros. This book explores the complex, dynamic, and contested webs of relationships in which three different groups of video makers found themselves when distributing their work on the Internet. It draws upon both the Deleuzian notion of "assemblage" and Actor-Network Theory, which together provide a rich….

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Edited by Carolene Ayaka , Ian Hague. Multiculturalism, and its representation, has long presented challenges for the medium of comics. The media have always played a central role in organising the way ideas flow through societies. But what happens when those ideas are disruptive to normal social relations?

Bringing together work by scholars in history, media and cultural studies and sociology, this collection explores this role in…. Edited by Chantal Zabus , David Coad. This collection by trans and non-trans academics and artists from the United States, the UK, and continental Europe, examines how transgenderism can be conceptualized in a literary, biographical, and autobiographical framework, with emphasis on place, ethnicity and visibility.

The volume covers the…. Edited by Rob Allen , Thijs van den Berg. From prime-time television shows and graphic novels to the development of computer game expansion packs, the recent explosion of popular serials has provoked renewed interest in the history and economics of serialization, as well as the impact of this cultural form on readers, viewers, and gamers.

Edited by James Bennett , Niki Strange. Media independence is central to the organization, make-up, working practices and output of media systems across the globe. Often stemming from western notions of individual and political freedoms, independence has informed the development of media across a range of platforms: from the freedom of…. By Ian Hague. Attempts to define what comics are and explain how they work have not always been successful because they are premised upon the idea that comic strips, comic books and graphic novels are inherently and almost exclusively visual.

This book challenges that premise, and asserts that comics is not just…. Edited by Masami Toku. This collaborative book explores the artistic and aesthetic development of shojo, or girl, manga and discusses the significance of both shojo manga and the concept of shojo, or girl culture. Edited by Stephanie Newell , Onookome Okome. Focusing on performances, audiences, social contexts and texts, contributors ask how African….

The last two decades have seen a rapid increase in the production and consumption of video by both professionals and amateurs. The near ubiquity of devices with video cameras and the rise of sites like YouTube have lead to the growth and transformation of the practices of producing, circulating,…. Edited by Delia Chiaro , Raffaella Baccolini. In the mid-seventies, both gender studies and humor studies emerged as new disciplines, with scholars from various fields undertaking research in these areas.

The first publications that emerged in the field of gender studies came out of disciplines such as philosophy, history, and literature,…. Edited by Michael Grabowski. This volume explores how advances in the fields of evolutionary neuroscience and cognitive psychology are informing media studies with a better understanding of how humans perceive, think and experience emotion within mediated environments.

The book highlights interdisciplinary and…. By Andaluna Borcila. With the televised events of , territories of Eastern and Central Europe that had been marked as impenetrable and inaccessible to the Western gaze exploded into visibility. As the narratives of the Cold War crumbled, new narratives emerged and new geographies were produced on and by American…. Edited by Dana Och , Kirsten Strayer. This volume investigates the horror genre across national boundaries including locations such as Africa, Turkey, and post-Soviet Russia and different media forms, illustrating the ways that horror can be theorized through the circulation, reception, and production of transnational media texts.

By Matthew Leggatt. This book re-examines the role of the sublime across a range of disparate cultural texts, from architecture and art, to literature, digital technology, and film, detailing a worrying trend towards nostalgia and arguing that, although the sublime has the potential to be the most powerful uniting…. By Owen Gallagher. Remix is now considered by many to be a form of derivative work, but such generalizations have resulted in numerous non-commercial remixes being wrongfully accused of copyright infringement.

Gallagher argues, however, that remix is a fundamentally transformative practice. The assumption that…. Edited by Mary Harrod , Katarzyna Paszkiewicz. Recent examples…. This book introduces and develops the concept of geomedia studies as the name of a particular subfield of communication geography. Edited by Sonora Jha , Alka Kurian. This book is a study of the resurgence and re-imagination of feminist discourse on gender and sexuality in South Asia as told through its cinematic, literary, and social media narratives.

It brings incisive and expert analyses of emerging disruptive articulations that represent an unprecedented…. This book aims to revisit the notion of subculture for the 21st century, reinterpreting it and extending its scope. On the one hand, the notion of resistance is redefined and applied to contemporary practices of cultural production and entrepreneurship.

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On the other hand, contributors reconsider…. Edited by Anna Malinowska , Michael Gratzke. Drawing on love studies and research in material cultures, this book seeks to re-examine love through materiality studies, especially their recent incarnations, new materialism and object-oriented philosophy, to spark a debate on the relationship between love, objects and forms of materializing….

Edited by Tao Papaioannou , Suman Gupta. This book analyzes constructions of injustice, group identification and participation in news and social media in anti-austerity protests within the European Union EU. Since , EU member-states have witnessed waves of protests and demonstrations against the adoption of austerity measures and…. Using the concept of media practices, this volume looks at processes of social and political transformation in diverse regions of the world…. This book explores how camp….

Edited by Catherine Leen , Niamh Thornton. For this reason, the volume includes contributions by a range of international scholars and takes the concept of place as a unifying paradigm. As a…. Edited by Lisa A. Dickson , Maryna Romanets. This volume explores the relationship among beauty, violence, and representation in a broad range of artistic and cultural texts, including literature, visual art, theatre, film, and music. Charting diversifying interests in the subject of violence and beauty, dealing with the multiple inflections….